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December 3, 2017

Best of the Week - 11/27/17


Welcome to another taste of the Journey Into Comics Network! This weeks show includes highlights from: Journey Into Comics, The Puhr Report, Journey Into Wrestling, Podcastrophe, Game Addicts, The Voice of Survival, Brews With Dudes and the debut of the highly anticipated LITerature! Kick back, open a cold one and enjoy!

Journey Into Comics 167 - The Doomsday Clock Has No Snooze Button!
The Puhr Report 013 - Flat Earthers and other nonsense
Journey Into Wrestling S2 E6 - War Games Returns!
Podcastrophe 013 - Lonely Dick
Game Addicts Episode 57 - Super Mario Retrospective
The Voice of Survival 009 - Conner Pech-Kortbein
Brews With Dudes 006 - JUICY
LITerature 001 - The Prologue

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