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April 8, 2018

Best of the Week - 04/02/18 (Fool’s Week)

This week we feel the Fallout from the Journey Into Comics Network Fool's Week!! The whole network thrown into madness, hosts across the shows were thrown onto shows they may not know anything about! Including special clips from Journey Into Comics, The Norr Report, Foodies Watching Movies, Podcastrophe, Game Addicts Podcast, The Voice of Survival, Brews With Babes, Journey Into Wrestling and LITerature! Click the links below for the full episodes! Make sure to push subscribe!!!

Journey Into Comics 185 - Dem Graploids
The Puhr Report 031 - The Social Injustices of a Wizarding World
Foodies Wathcing Movies S2 E16 -  We Almost Died but Then We Lived 
Podcastrophe 031 - Foolcastrophe
Game Addicts Episode 75: Can't Believe We Made It
The Voice of Survival 018 - Travis Wilson
Brews With Dudes 024 - Brews With Babes Episode One
Journey Into Wrestling S2 E15 - Saturday Night Mania Event
LITerature 010 - Fifty Shades of Stephen King

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