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Network Specials

January 22, 2020

The Podcast Menace Episode 1 - We're Going Solo
(Original Air Date 03/30/18)

The Podfather's State of the Network Special
(Original Air Date 05/18/18)

Brews With Bands 001 - The Mound Builders
(Original Air Date 02/21/19)

The Podfather's State of the Network Special 2
(Original Air Date 11/22/19)

High Time (We Try This) 001 - Lexicon of Pete
(Original Air Date 12/27/19)

Happy Fun Metal Time 003 - We'd Be Album Listening Party
(Original Air Date 01/18/20)

Happy Fun Metal Time 001 - Le Pilot
(Original Air Date 02/20/20)

Supercast 002 - Super Podcast Bros. 2
(Original Air Date 04/07/20)

Supercast 003 - Wrong Doug, Who Dis?
(Original Air Date 04/25/20)

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